Carabiner Awards

The Carabiner Award recognizes members for their work to help achieve Club goals, make activities successful, and move the Club forward. 

2022 - November

Mark Duerst

Mark is responsible for managing the club's finances, including sending invoices, paying bills, making deposits, and keeping accurate records. His contributions to the club are invaluable. 

Howie Feldman

As Sergeant of Arms, Howie Feldman fills a multitude of club service duties; handling many things that we never notice. Howie gives tirelessly and enthusiastically to the club.

Howie Feldman Carabiner Award

Chris Morden

Chris Morden Carabiner Award
Chris Morden updated the Club's bylaws in 2015 and took on the task again in 2022. Chris gave his time and talent to this unglamorous, but important task. 

Dee Dee Heard

Dee Dee Heard always shows up when needed; always has a kind and generous word about people; and shows deep support for others. She exemplifies the Four Way Test.
Dee Dee Heard



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