Brian Fitzsimmons from Assured Partners NL spoke at the North Raleigh Rotary Club on Wednesday September 28th. Brian works in the insurance industry but is also heavily involved in politics. Brian is currently the chair of the Wake County Democratic Party. Brian spoke to us about the population growth in Wake County and how that effects the election due to the increased number of registered voters. He also discussed early voting and the rise in absentee voting. Throughout his speech, he referenced the stats from voting numbers in 2012 and how they compared to the current numbers. Wake County controls 15% of the electorate and was only decided in 2012 by only 18,000 votes. He is predicting another tight race in 2016 and encourages everyone to utilize their right to vote.

Other Club News:

  • The Club also celebrated long-time member Ken Brown’s 65th birthday. Happy birthday Ken and welcome to Social Security eligibility 🙂
  • Club member Greg Gulley was selling Christmas cards to benefit the International Orphan Resource Center in Ukraine. The center provides transition apartments, food, utilities, all they need to live and money for school for adult orphans. These adult orphans who have “aged out” of their orphanages would likely be homeless. The Resource Center’s “Fresh Start” program works to allow them to pursue further education to acquire a marketable skill. They also receive life skills training to successfully assimilate into society once they have graduated. Contact Greg at for information about ordering.

About Brian:

Photo of Brian Fitzsimmons
Brian Fitzsimmons 2016/09/28 – Wake County Democratic Party ChairWake County Democratic Party
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