Ian Rumbles, a Rotarian from the Clayton Morning Club, gave a fascinating presentation about the US Dairy Industry. Ian works with NC State University’s Dairy Records Management Systems in Garner (part of NC State) that processes the management and marketing information for over 2 million cows in the US. View his slideshow below.

Ian was raised on a Jersey dairy cattle farm near Toronto, Ontario. He was very involved with 4-H and Junior Farmers (similar to FFA). He has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. For over 30 years he has worked in the dairy cow industry, primarily in Canada. His area of specialty is dairy herd management software and bringing research technology to dairy farmers.

Three years ago, Ian moved to the United States to marry his wife Terri Black. They moved to North Carolina in September 2013, when he was head hunted by NC State University’s Dairy Records Management Systems. Terri and Ian live in Clayton, where they are members of the Clayton Morning club.

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Photo of Ian Rumbles
Ian Rumbles2016/02/10 – US Dairy Industry Data

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