We are lucky to have so many respected and dynamic speakers. This is a list of both upcoming and past speakers. If you would like to speak or if you have a recommendation for a speaker, please use the speaker form on the Contact Us page.

Photo of Dr. Alper Bozkurt

Dr. Alper Bozkurt

2014/10/01 – Cockroaches are our Friends?

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Photo of Bernie Mann

Bernie Mann

2014/09/10 – Our State Magazine

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Photo of Pete Tillman

Pete Tillman

2014/08/27 – Current News about the VA

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Photo of Rick Solares

Rick Solares

2014/08/20 – Fracking: Fact vs. Fiction

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Photo of Rich Gwaltney

Rich Gwaltney

2014/08/13 – Transitions Lifecare

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Transitions Lifecare
Photo of Heather Cross

Heather Cross

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Read and Feed
Photo of Tim Gillespie

Tim Gillespie

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