Angela Jamison spoke to the club Wednesday June 15th about Social Media for Business. In business, social media is a way to reach a large number of target customers or clients with a reasonably low cost. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have 1.5 billion and 316 million users respectively. They provide an enormous audience for business content.

There are a number of strategies to use that improve reach and search engine optimization (SEO) but putting quality content in your posts is one of the top priorities. Angela discussed other ways of extending the reach of social media such as paid promotion. See her slide presentation below (embedded from SlideShare).

Since Angela brought up many of the social media platforms the club currently uses, now would be a good time to review our social media activity. We’re on a lot of them. Generally you can get to them from the upper right corner or in the footer of our website where we have a set of icons for each account (see image below). So which ones are we on? Check them out and follow us!

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