Sometimes it’s super rewarding to know a Rotary project we worked on many years ago is still impacting people’s lives today.

 Eight years ago in 2013 our North Raleigh club spearheaded a project in Sogamoso, Colombia that contributed $25,000 to a loan fund that provided exceptionally small loans to poor families and small businesses in the country of Colombia. They used the money to buy seeds for planting, thread for sewing, products to sell at a little village store or a host of other ways to earn money in a community where they really had no alternative to accessing capital. Here’s the cool part:  Attached is a letter from the Rotary Foundation confirming that this money continues to be lent out, repaid, and lent out again eight years later!  Amazing!

 Because we had a successful track record of two earlier successful microcredit programs in Guatemala, we were able to get enthusiastic funding from 4 other generous clubs including Chapel Hill Carrboro, Cary Page, Cary, and Fuquay Varina.