People say that time seems to go by even faster once you get married and have kids. I can certainly attest to that. But, man does time go by fast when you are President of a Rotary Club! I sit here writing this as 4 months have already gone by in this Rotary year. We have been very busy as a club and have accomplished a lot already. We had our major fundraiser, the Ed Shook Golf Tournament, which had some changes for us in how we earned money for our club but was still an overwhelming success. We have laid the groundwork for a new and exciting fundraiser to take place in March, our First Annual Casino Night! We celebrated Rotary’s 100th anniversary here in Raleigh. We’ve welcomed some amazing speakers and presenters to our club, including our very own District Governor Matthew Kane. We’ve had a great social gathering at the Smallwoods’ house. And just this weekend we’ve welcomed 15 Brazilians to the area to learn about Alzheimer’s Research. I’m sure I’m forgetting several things we’ve done. The one thing we haven’t done yet is probably the most important thing we can do – induct a new member. We still have time this year for sure, but we need to always focus on telling people our Rotary story and inviting our friends and acquaintances to join. Just like District Governor Matthew said, it is as simple as inviting someone to come to lunch. If we can get people to our meetings, I know they will enjoy themselves and see the good we do in our local and international community. We may not be a fit for everyone, but you never know until you ask. Let’s all stay focused on this and make sure we hit and even surpass our goal of adding one net member to our club prior to year end.

As fast as the first third of my term has gone, I know the remaining 8 months will go by even faster. We have so many events coming up I can’t mention them all here. Some of them are service projects, some of them are fundraisers, and some of them are strictly social gatherings. One thing they all have in common is they will all be fun! I’m looking forward to creating many more memories in the coming months. Thanks for all that you do to make this the best Rotary Club in the Triangle!

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