Our club was honored to have as today's guest speaker Army 1st Lt. Nathan Rimpf.

Our club was honored to have as today’s guest speaker Army 1st Lt. Nathan Rimpf.

Wow…what an exciting meeting this week! 1Lt Nathan Rimpf is an impressive young man with an extremely positive outlook on his situation. When he said “it was just a flesh wound” it made me wonder how many of us would have the same attitude. It is a valuable lesson that we can all learn and apply to our lives. I don’t remember who said it, but the old saying, “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger” must have been talking about the brave, selfless men of our Armed Forces like Mr. Rimpf. The money that our club donated to Operation Coming Home will serve to enhance their mission to show gratitude to men and women who have given so much of themselves for our great country.

As I look back on October, it has been an exciting month with a very successful month for membership. We inducted three new members and two of those were at the board meeting this week. It is great to see them getting involved as well. Matt Johnson has already volunteered to assist with the Senior Christmas gifts this year and Nina O’Neal’s food drive is proof that we chose well in accepting her into our club. I would continue to encourage you to reach out to our newest members and take them to coffee to get to know them better. If we don’t help them assimilate into our club, they will not be in the club long and none of us want turnover with our new members.

Looking forward to the month ahead of us, the first thing of importance is the Stop Hunger Now food packing on November 9th at the NCST campus. We have 25 volunteers that include 11 Interactors from Millbrook High School. This has been my vision since preparing for this year…to see more interaction between our members and the Interact club members. In fact, many will be joining us for our Thanksgiving meeting. If you haven’t signed up, I am sure Dee Dee Heard will welcome you to this event.

In November, we will be interviewing potential students for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) and if last year’s students are any indication, we will have another group of incredible students to send. I will be joining Ken Brown and others as we spend the morning interviewing the well-deserving young people. I am still amazed that our candidates last year approached us about getting the Interact club active again. As we select our candidates, you will have an opportunity to meet them.

Dr. Adelman and myself, posing with our identical bow ties that supports the Guatemala Literacy Project.

Dr. Adelman and myself, posing with our identical bow ties that supports the Guatemala Literacy Project.

The planning for the club’s business networking event is being finalized and final details should follow next week. This event will be done in correlation with my Office Warming Party. This will not cost the club any money and we have secured four sponsors from the membership to include Erik Grunwald, Greg Brissette, Steven Dieckhaus and myself. Plan on attending, but more importantly, plan to invite a guest who may be a great candidate for our club. One of the aspects of Rotary is a focus on business and this is a great way your board decided to marry the two items, service and business. It is scheduled for November 21 at 5:30pm. Please put it on your calendar and plan on attending.

Be prepared later this month as we start to promote the Senior Christmas gifts for the residents of the Total Life Center. This year, we will be doing things a little different to ensure that all residents get a great gift. Please participate when the resident sheet goes around in the next couple of weeks.

Please place the date on the calendar, the Holiday Party will be on December 18th at the Carolina Country Club. Thanks again to Warner Hall who has secured the location for us again. Look for details to follow in the coming weeks, but plan to attend today.

SERVICE "ABOVE" SELF is the reason for this photo.Here's our Board of Directors...L-R: Chris Stigall, Steven Dieckhaus, Scott Tarkenton, Pres. Steven Nelson, Jason Potts, Jay Williams & Dee Dee Heard

SERVICE “ABOVE” SELF is the reason for this photo.Here’s our Board of Directors…L-R: Chris Stigall, Steven Dieckhaus, Scott Tarkenton, Pres. Steven Nelson, Jason Potts, Jay Williams & Dee Dee Heard

As I close this month’s letter, I must reflect on last year for a moment. The board had the idea a couple of months ago to take a public relations photos with our big check to show how much money this club donated to causes during the 2012-13 Rotary year. We took that photo at the meeting this week and the amount of money that this group donated was amazing. We donated as a group, $24,685.12 and that doesn’t include the money we donated to the Rotary Foundation individually. I am once again humbled and honored to be the president of such an amazing group of people.

Let’s have a great month and volunteer when you can. Plan on attending our meetings this month as we will hear from the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and Guiding Light Caregiving Support Center this month. We have a special program planned for the Thanksgiving meeting and details will follow.

Have a great week and tell someone about Rotary….give them the opportunity someone gave you by inviting them to join our organization.

Yours in Rotary Service!

Steven W. Nelson, President 2013-14

Rotary Club of North Raleigh