Nathan Thomas, founder of All We Are, talked about the non-profit he created and the impact it’s making on schools in Uganda. Nathan will be inducted as a member of the Raleigh Midtown Rotary Club later this month. Midtown Club President Mike Harris, and co-founder Carole Meshot accompanied Nathan to the meeting.
Nathan shared a very compelling slide presentation about All We Are and their mission. See his slides below. Scroll to the bottom for web and social media links. More photos from our meeting are viewable below or directly on Flickr.
About Nathan:
Nathan Thomas is a resident engineer for Leoni Wiring Systems currently working at Caterpillar in Clayton, NC. Nathan’s passion for service started with a “Computers for Kampala” initiative at age 16. This project worked to close the “digital divide” that exists in developing nations. After a trip to Central America and Uganda, Nathan officially launched All We Are, a 501c3 dedicated to bettering the lives of people in East Africa through engineer innovation. All We Are’s current focus is on bringing solar lighting systems to boarding schools in Uganda to increase the accessibility to education. Nathan believes that by reaching the young people in an area you can start to make tangible change. All We Are hopes to electrify fifty schools by 2025 and hopes to complete six installations by the end of the program’s first year (2015). All We Are has also ran campaigns to send medical gloves to Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, gently used soccer gear to students in need, and uniforms to students who families cannot afford them. Nathan is proud to say that at 22 years of age, All We Are has become something he would have never imagined possible when he started “Computers for Kampala” as a 16 year old.
Time ran short on Wednesday so we missed some of the videos Nathan planned to show us but we have them here on the site. See below!
Visit All We Are on the web and social media:
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