We are pleased to announce that PBS has aired a segment on polio in Pakistan. The story includes the voices of health workers, religious leaders, and Rotary Pakistan, including our National PolioPlus Chair Aziz Memon. Throughout the segment, viewers can see multiple Rotary visuals, including our End Polio Now logo.
PBS first aired the segment over the weekend on its Religion & Ethics Newsweekly program. It aired again on 7 October on PBS NewsHour.
Rotarys Media Relations team worked directly with the PBS producers ahead of their trip to Pakistan to ensure that they were able to see the tremendous work of Rotary taking place on the ground. Aziz Memon and his staff also helped coordinate with the crew to make sure they had access to the footage, interviews and background they needed while in Pakistan.
Further, today a polio story ran in the Washington Post. The story largely focused on the CDC and how it has been impacted by the government shutdown. However, the piece includes nice homage to Rotary and our leadership in polio eradication (see quote below). The Rotary Media Relations team coordinated with the reporter, Michael Gerson, earlier this week.
This was also the year that Rotary International started a campaign to eliminate polio transmission in the Philippines, beginning a global eradication movement that now includes the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the Gates Foundation and the CDC.