The Rotary Club of North Raleigh gave recognition to recent award recipients on Wednesday April 20th. The club heard from Stephanie Lake, Senior Director of Foundation Relations & Administration for Wake Tech, who spoke about the TC & Bill Parker Scholarships awarded to two students (a third was awarded directly by the club). Khaled Ali received $1000 towards his education and thanked the club for assistance in achieving his goals. He will be attending UNC Chapel Hill starting in the spring of 2017. The other winner was unable to attend. He graduated early as a result of the scholarship and has since gotten a job out of the area.

4-Way Test Essay Chair Bob Monroe introduced the 3 top essays by students from St. Rafael’s High School. 1st place winner Michael Caldwell, 2nd place winner Amanda Chacon and 3rd place winner Jake Pendry all read their essays in front of the club. Their respective families, Liz and Joseph Caldwell, Yolanda (grandmother), Andrea and Osman Chacon, and Daryl & Carolyn Pendry were all in the audience.

The Club also had visiting Rotarians Dr. Willem van Elk from the Raleigh Club and Moe Hassan from the West Raleigh Club in attendance.

Photos from the meeting: