Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman talked to the club about mental health in North Carolina. She serves on the Governor’s Task Force on mental health and substance abuse and the executive committee of the NC Conference of District Attorneys. Untreated or under treated mental health disorders affect the justice system significantly because sufferers are often incarcerated as a result. There are programs being rolled out to help those with mental health problems get treatment without going to jail. Watch the video of her presentation below or on YouTube:


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  • Steve Wood gave Cubs fan Richard Adelman a photo of a statue wearing a Cubs baseball cap.

About Lorrin:

Photo of Lorrin Freeman
Lorrin Freeman 2016/11/02 – District AttorneyWake County
Work Phone: (919) 792-5000Work Fax: (919) 792-5003Website: www.wakegov.com/districtattorney

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