Wednesday November 18, 2015 was the North Raleigh Club’s annual rotational meeting. The name “Rotary” was originally chosen based on the practice of rotating meeting locations at different members places of business. Of course as clubs spread across the world and grew in size, the practicality of meeting in that format became less and less. Our club honors that each year with our annual rotational meeting. This year members hosted meetings at five different locations:

Greg Brissette hosted Rich Adelman, Steven Nelson, Bill Bigger, Bob Monroe, Scott Tarkenton, Stephen Diekhaus, Donathan Hudgins, Jan Nelson, Dee Dee Heard, Mike Aoun and Jerry Patterson at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. Fifteen members of the Rotary Club of North Raleigh attended the club’s annual rotational meeting at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, hosted by club member Greg Brissette. This was one of five member meetings hosted today at their places of business. With roots dating to 1832, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC is a full-service financial services firm, providing comprehensive financial advice and superior service to individual, corporate and institutional clients. After lunch, Greg Brissette, Vice President/Investments Financial Advisor, shared recent developments at Department of Labor involving IRA and 401(k) accounts and Social Security, that will have far reaching affect for many. On a lighter moment, member Stephen Dieckhaus, won a $5 bet by answering the question “How many companies are on the S&P 500?” Not 500 companies as most would think, but actually 507 companies. All in all it was a very enjoyable and informative meeting for all attending. Thanks to Greg Brissette and Janney Montgomery Scott LLC for hosting !!

Jay Williams hosted Brent Wright, Grant Walker, Curtis Stevens and Rich Lewis at Fidelity Bank. They had a small but engaging group visit Jay Williams at his Fidelity Bank office for our Rotational meeting. Jay described his duties at the bank as well as a little history of Fidelity Bank. They also discussed the banking system in general as well as some trends in the industry. Despite many requests from the group, no free samples were given out during lunch!

Erik Grunwald hosted Charlie Stegall, Steve Wood, Terry Hutchens, Frank Bouknight and Mark Duerst at Cardinal Business Forms, Inc.

Brian Propst hosted Rod Frankel, Jason Potts, Gene Hirsch, Chris Morden and Linda Brooks at Waddell & Reed, an asset management and financial planning firm on Blue Ridge Road. Brian filled them in on his background in the insurance business and answered questions about evaluating individuals’ investment needs, market fluctuations and the regulatory environment.

Richard Gantt hosted Greg Wallace, Ken Brown, Matthew Kane, Paul Stone, Mike Wienold and Ed Smallwood at Rosen Law Firm. Richard also had a guest, Kelley Bassett from the marketing industry, in attendance. Richard talked about his background in family law and his path from North Carolina to Illinois and back. He also revealed that he was a RYLA participant in high school.

Members all report having a great time.

Special thanks to Scott Tarkenton, Jay Williams and Linda Brooks for their contributions to this article and of course to all the host members for their hospitality on the day.