Speaker today was Ms. Bridgette Kaya who is one of LaunchRALEIGH’s recent graduates. She started a company called Unconditional Care Senior Services. The company began with the purpose of creating a safe, compassionate and loving environment for the seniors here in Raleigh. Her company has a staff with more than 45 years of combined experience in healthcare administration, healthcare services, dementia care, transportation, meal preparation and disabled and terminal illness care.

Video from today

About Bridgette:

Photo of Bridgette Kaya MBA
Bridgette Kaya , MBA2017/04/05 – LaunceRaleigh – Universal Care Senior ServicesUniversal Care Senior Services
Website: http://unconditionalcarenow.com/

Other Club News:

  • Wednesday’s meeting was the last meeting at Graystone. Sertoma is reopened and we are moving back in for next week.
  • Donathan Hudgins gave his Past President’s reflection talk.