Members of the Rotary club of North Raleigh and their families participated in the Club’s annual Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner social. Host families did not know who their guests would be and guests did not know the identity of their hosts until arrival. Most members agree this is one of the more fun socials the club has each year and it gives them a chance to get to know members they may not be familiar with from the weekly meetings. Congratulations are in order to Dee Dee Heard and JJ Jolliff for a job well done organizing this event.

Here are some quotes from the hosts of the evening:

Jerry Patterson: “Our dinner was great and everyone seemed to have a good time. The guests you sent us were all very compatible and it was a great chance for me to get to know the Rotarians a little better then you can on meeting day. Of course, having the spouses included always makes for better interaction.

I think everyone agreed the meal was delicious. I was a little worried that we could end up with a difficult mix of food to try to put on one plate, but that worked out great too. All of the dishes were wonderful and blended together great and we ended up with a “gourmet” meal.

Mark Duerst: “Our dinner group was great. Leslie was sick all day Saturday so the kitchen was a little understaffed. She was unable to join us for dinner. My guests helped out with serving and cleanup.
Can’t wait to do this again as its a great way to get to know our fellow Rotarians. Thanks for being the ring leader (Dee Dee). I think the more social events the better.

Steven Dieckhaus: “Everyone arrived on time. We had great fellowship and many stories were told.
A great evening for all.

Rich Adelman: “It was wonderful having you (Dee Dee) here with the group. I think it is a great event that you organize. Thanks for all the work that you do, Dee Dee.

Jason Potts: “It was a great event at my house! The kids played well together, we ate outdoors, had excellent food (best cake ever!) made smores, stayed up really late and really had a good time. Hope to do it again soon!