President Chris Morden held his last club assembly Wednesday June 8th. Our RYLA students visited us and talked about what they learned at camp. Chris talked about accomplishments through the year and Steven Nelson talked about the 50th Anniversary preparation.

Chris spoke to the club about:

  1. Reviewed club awards: PR Citation, Governor’s Award of Excellence, RI Presidential Citation.
  2. Highlighted the club’s local service projects: Shelly Lake Cleanup, Roadside Cleanup, Total Life Center holiday gifts, MLK Meal Packaging, and Read and Feed.
  3. Highlighted major club fundraising: Jack Andrews Golf Tournament and Casino Night.
  4. Reported on Foundation spending during the year.

Steven Nelson also talked to the club about the 50th Anniversary progress. From Steven:

The projects have been selected and approved by the BOD. You will hear more from them in the coming months as we are going to have each of them present to the club, but the 2 minute version is this.

Bridges to Success – In partnership with Wake Tech, this pilot program is geared toward the returning, adult student who will be working on his/her GED while simultaneously taking a career oriented class such as welding or medical terminology! This program will both offer small scholarships ($100-150) while also training them how to be a good student. Does it take a specific skill set to be a successful student? They think it does and through this program, they hope to train these returning students, who have already dropped out of school, how to be better students to improve their earning potential for themselves and their families. This program will require tutors, mentors and networking opportunities from the NRRC membership.

Launch Raleigh – In partnership with Passage Homes, this project has the ability to become the local projection of our club, much like the Guatemala Literacy Project does from an international standpoint. This project will offer small loans ($500-2500) to low-income entrepreneurs to help them launch their business. The program will consist of business training prior to loan application. Once the training is complete, they will submit an application, which a panel of our members will review and approve/decline it. At the point they receive the micro-loan, he/she will be paired with a mentor from our club to help them make decisions in their business and help them network throughout the business community.

Guatemala School Sponsorship – This is a simple $5000 donation to Cooperative for Education to sponsor a textbook school. Our club has never sponsored a school despite supporting this program since its inception in 1998. This money will pay for the soft cost to induce a new school into the textbook program such as transportation and training. The GLP cannot launch a new school into the textbook program without a sponsor. All of the money it receives from Rotary must go towards hard cost such as the books. In this vane, I implore you to consider traveling with me to Guatemala next Feb to be a part of the school dedication. CoEd offers a tour every Feb for Rotarians only and the spots fill up quickly. If you are interested, please see me and I’ll let you know how to apply. I’d like to have a contingency of 4-5 members from this club.

Sponsorship – In closing, I want to stress the importance of sponsorship to reach our funding goals for the 50th Anniversary Projects. Thanks to the Roy Palmer Foundation, we are 60% toward our goal, but we need to make up the difference. We have several levels to choose from and if you want to sponsor through your business or simply be an individual sponsor for $250, we welcome it. If you or the spouse of a previous members wants to sponsor in honor or memory of their loved one, this will be a great way to pay homage to their association with our great club. A brochure will be available soon for your use with promoting sponsorship and if you need help to make the sale, Erik Grunwald would be happy to assist you!

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