Dr. Richard Adelman, long-time club member, gave an update on current health concerns. His health update has become an annual occurrence at our club and others. He discussed, diet, vitamin-D, allergies, Zika amongst other topics. Dr. Richard Adelman addressed many health care issues in his 1/2 hour talk before the club. Among them: 1. Eggs are now good for you. 2. 2% milk is also good for you. 3. Put oil & vinegar on your salad, not all the fancy dressings that contain so much fat. 4. The best snack foods are raw apples, raw grapes and raw blueberries. 5. Richard highly suggests flu shots, shingles shots and pneumonia shots, especially if you’re over 65.

About Dr. Adelman:

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Richard D Adelman 2016/09/21 – Health Update with Dr. AdelmanRichard Adelman MD Family Practice
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