Photo of Steven Nelson 2013 – 2014

Steven Nelson 2013 – 2014

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About Steven W. Nelson

The Triangle’s Golfing Lifestyle Realtor
Steven grew up in the Midwestern town of Kalamazoo, Michigan; and if you are wondering, yes, there really is a Kalamazoo!  Steven developed a philosophy of hard work from a family that set an example of doing just that.  Working his way through college he learned how important both drive and determination were in order to succeed.  After graduation, he was quickly promoted and then relocated, eventually making his home in North Carolina.

Steven become enamored with the beautiful surroundings that encompass the Raleigh area and his love for a local girl only sweetened his decision to move there.  The two fell for each other, married, and have happily continued their journey together in Raleigh.

Steven and Golf
Golfing has always been an interest for Steven.  He learned in his 20s just how rewarding a round of golf can be after a long day at work.  However, after moving to the Raleigh area his interest peaked and he began playing more and more.  With so many amazing courses to choose from Steven began to realize he really was living in a golfer’s paradise.  Soon thereafter, Steven decided to merge his passion for golf with his passion for real estate.


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Steven Nelson

Term as President: 2013-2014

About your time as a member of the Rotary Club of North Raleigh

When did you join Rotary?


Who/What influenced you to join Rotary?

For me, the greatest influence for me to join Rotary was my father. He wasn’t a Rotarian, but as I started looking for a civic organization to join, I learned about Rotary’s goal to eradicate polio. As my father was a polio survivor, it became apparent that Rotary was the best fit for me.

What is one of the most significant projects or services that you have participated in as a Rotarian?

There have been many projects that have impacted me, but the one that made the greatest impact involved the trip to New Jersey with PDG Mack Parker and Boyd Bennett. We worked on the home of an older lady whose house was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Her house had been in six feet of water and she was living in the upstairs bedroom. We installed insulation and drywall, while restoring her kitchen so she could prepare meals. At the time, her husband had been in the hospital and was coming home on that Thursday. Thanks to our efforts, his hospital bed could be set up downstairs.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my trips to Guatemala for the GLP. Each year was special in its own way and I will always feel close to the people of Guatemala.

About your administration

Describe one of your most memorable moments as President.

The most memorable moment as President was surprising my wife at the Installation dinner with a Paul Harris Fellowship. I thought it was a touching moment. A close second was my mother’s passing and how much love and words of encouragement that came from the membership. It was very important to me to have so many of the members comfort me.

Did you have a specific goal or objective that you wanted to accomplish during your term? If so, please explain and was it a success?

I had several goals and objectives and I believe we accomplished most of them. First off, I had a goal to reverse the trend of losing members and finish in the plus territory with an unwritten goal of reaching 60 members. We added 9 new members for a plus 3 (Presidential Citation w/Honors) and reached the 60-member level.

Other goals included quarterly socials, which we had several great socials and to complete a major project that would benefit the community, which we accomplished with the walkway at the Cedar Hills Rotary Park, a project that the club had wanted to do for several years.

Finally, we blew away the goal for giving to the Rotary Foundation, giving more money that we have ever done in the history of the club. Additionally, we reached a milestone for the club of $300,000 donated to the Rotary Foundation throughout the club’s existence.

What was one of the biggest rewards of your term?

Obviously, I was proud that the club earned the Presidential Citation with Honors, but that was ultimately the culmination of a tremendous year from all of our members. I implemented many new endeavors and challenged the members and they stepped up to every challenge. From having 25 volunteers for the food packing project at the NCST campus to everyone stepping up to bring at least one guest and it resulted in more than 70 visitors throughout the year.

Many club presidents are stuck between change and satisfying vocal past presidents. With this club, the past presidents were very supportive of my efforts and were delightful to offer advice when sought. This is the type of past president I will be.

What was one of the toughest challenges that you had to face?

The toughest challenge was replacing a legend at the front table (Jack Andrews) and the setup crew. We were able to get a moderate solution to this task, but it continues to be an issue for the club, though I think a plan has evolved that will fix this problem.

Describe how the club has evolved over time?

One of my goals as president was to bring the club into the social media world. I started the Facebook page and blog as a beginning point, but now, we have one of the move active social media programs in the district. This has been instrumental in telling the story of our club. In the past, PR was not an issue for clubs, but today, PR is imperative to ensure we continue to grow our membership.

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