Photo of Mike Wienold 2017 – 2018

Mike Wienold 2017 – 2018

2017-18 Club PresidentRotary Club of North Raleigh2017 – 2018
Membership: February 6, 2013 Website:


Mike is originally from a small farming town in California, about 30 minutes from the Sequoia National Park. He lived in Sacramento and Orange County before leaving CA for the Carolinas. He was one of the many 2-plus-hour-commute fools you used to read about working in Silicon Valley. He randomly chose Greenville, SC as an ‘escape from CA’ destination at the peak of the housing boom and later moved to Raleigh with his job.

After years of complaining about work travel, he often misses the weekly routine at the airport. He claims to be an avid cyclist and is a wannabe runner.

Mike has 6 children and expects them to fund their own way through college. He met his wife (the most wonderful woman on Earth) online. He has been a Rotarian since February 2013 and has worked on local and international Rotary projects. He works and lives by the 4-way test.


Photos of Mike:






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