Photo of Greg Brissette 2011 – 2012

Greg Brissette 2011 – 2012

Janney Montgomery Scott2011 – 2012
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Photos of Greg:

Greg Brissette

Term as President: 2011-2012

About your time as a member of the Rotary Club of North Raleigh

When did you join Rotary?


Who/What influenced you to join Rotary?

I met John Thomas at a business networking event. He invited me to a Club meeting at Sertoma. That was followed by a breakfast meeting with JT, Mack Parker, and Jim Morgan. I liked the energy/vibe that I experienced at the Club meeting and enjoyed the people I met.

What is one of the most significant projects or services that you have participated in as a Rotarian?

That’s a difficult one to answer. I would have to say either the Ed Shook Golf Classic that we did in conjunction with Frankie Lemmon (because it actually worked well and became our primary fundraiser), or the park cleanup at Shelly Lake/Sertoma Arts Center. Everything was great that day. The weather was perfect, we had good club participation, and it was nice to have people visiting the park tell me how much they appreciated us making the effort to keep it clean.

About your administration

Describe one of your most memorable moments as President.

One of my most memorable moments as President was seeing the cooperation of so many club members make the Ed Shook Golf Classic successful. I knew that it might work once we had a significant number of people spring forward at a Board meeting, then followed by a Club meeting (in September) to lend a helping hand to the cause. Also, seeing so many new faces show up for the Natty G social was fun!

Did you have a specific goal or objective that you wanted to accomplish during your term? If so, please explain and was it a success?

Yes, the goal was threefold. One, to find some new fundraiser(s) to replace the loss of Triangle Uncorked. Two, was to grow membership and diversify our membership base. Third, have fun doing what we do as Rotarians whether it was meetings, fundraising activities, social events or doing good in our local community as well as the world. Another objective was to leave the club in great shape for our new leadership.

What was one of the biggest rewards of your term?

The biggest rewards came from steering our club on a new course while maintaining our best traditions, and seeing the club meet those challenges. Also, it was great to get to know a lot more about our members as people and personalities, and to learn and see a lot more of what Rotary does to influence people and communities. The icing on the cake was to see our club receive its first Changemaker Award from Rotary International for our outstanding efforts in all areas that Rotary seeks to service. This is significant in terms of recognizing us as a club of “leaders and doers”!

What was one of the toughest challenges that you had to face?

The biggest challenge was trying to steer a diverse group of volunteers towards a common goal. This is always a challenge in volunteer organizations but was particularly acute as I stepped into the role of President without the benefit of our primary fundraiser for the last several years – Triangle Uncorked.

Describe how the club has evolved over time?

The club is similar but different. Maybe a little younger. What has amazed me is how supportive some of the older members have been despite the changes, and in many cases seeing them embracing a new path. As I reflect, I am confident that we have positioned the club with a good blend of new leadership working with some of the veteran members in the club. I feel good that we will continue to enhance our reputation as one of the premiere clubs in our District, and as a club of “leaders and doers”.