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Frankel Staffing Partners

Contact: Rod Frankel
Work 3700 National Drive Suite 109 Raleigh NC 27612 United StatesWork Phone: (919) 783-6300Work Fax: (919) 783-6433Website:


Frankel Staffing Partners was founded in 1994 by Lee and Rod Frankel with a goal of achieving sustained, long-term success. In order to attain that objective, it was necessary to establish an outstanding reputation for the work we do and the ethics with which we do it.  The FSP difference is based on quality, commitment and trust.

To assure quality, the recruiters at Frankel Staffing Partners rely on a thorough evaluation of candidates that includes an in-depth assessment of both job-related skills and personal qualities.

“Our interview process evaluates both the hard and soft skills of our applicants,” explains Rod Frankel. “We believe that cultural fit drives long-term success as much as skills fit and we employ a screening process that incorporates this philosophy.”

The ability to form trusted business partnerships is another critical element of Frankel Staffing Partners’ success. The entire team adheres, without exception, to a client-first service model and this approach garners both trust and respect.

Frankel Staffing Partners employs highly seasoned and tenured recruiters for its Office Services & Support, Life Sciences and Professional Services practice areas. Their skills, expertise and business network equip them to offer the most successful recruiting results available in the marketplace today.

“Frankel Staffing Partners has formed a distinguished foundation of excellence,” Rod continues, “ and we believe our commitment to quality, recruiting competence, business insight and ability to earn trust, both candidate and company, will enable us to grow a thriving business far into the future.”