The Rotary Club of North Raleigh delivered gift bags to the members of the Total Life Center. The Club has been doing this for the past 7 years. Matt Johnson organized the event again this year. Members in attendance were Matt and his wife Madi, Chris Morden and his son Scott, Mike Wienold and his son Will, Mike Aoun’s daughter Mira, Stephen Dieckhaus and his fiance Maritza, Linda Brooks, Scott Tarkenton and Matthew Kane. Ed Smallwood and Frank Edwards also worked at the gift wrapping session.

Club members met at Sertoma Art Center to package the gifts, 61 in total. Then they headed to the Total Life Center where they distributed the gifts to members of the center. Several Rotarians told stories about their Christmas memories and we heard several from the Center members also. The folks at the Center were happy to have visitors and it was an all-around good time.

The Total Life Center seeks to prolong the independence of older persons by providing an environment in which their capacities are enhanced rather than allowed to deteriorate. Attention is also given to the maintenance and restoration of functioning. The Total life Center seeks not only to postpone institutionalization, but to make the later years a time of continued development.

The TLC also affords the benefits of allowing members to continue living in their own community, in their own home, or with their own family. It assists the family group in remaining together, by providing a protective setting for the older adult while others in the family are at work or school. The Center provides agencies serving older persons another option for helping them cope creatively with their changing needs.

They serve ambulatory and semi-ambulatory dependent adults who are 18 and over, especially those with memory loss and physical disabilities. This centers’ primary focus is on both medical and non-medical interventions.

Last year, the Rotary Club of North Raleigh presented the Director of the Total Life Center, Stella Ray, with a Paul Harris Fellowship for her work in the community.