At the August 26, 2015 meeting, Leslie Flowers presented the Club with Goal Setting techniques. Unfortunately her time was cut short by unusually long club business so she didn’t get into the main points of her topic. Visit her website for more about her teaching and methodology.

About Leslie:

Leslie has lived in North Carolina for more than 40 years. She has held various jobs, including serving as a flight attendant for U.S. troops during the Vietnam War. Throughout her life, she have been a student of spirituality and personal transformation. She has read, studied and taught concepts by  Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Bob Proctor and plenty of others and always believed that anything is possible for people who are willing to aggressively work on themselves. She gets inspired and lit up by helping people find their gifts. Last but not least, she always look forward to spending Sundays with her two children and four grandchildren.

Author of Kettle-Dreams, Leslie has compiled the extraordinary results from 17 everyday people who studied the principles of success, universal law, levels of awareness and the mind in multi week, multi person, face to face masterminds.

Certifications and Accomplishments:

  • Certified LifeSuccess Consultant (LSC)
  • Coaching, Mastermind Facilitation 2008
  • Certified Keynote Speaker (CS) 2009
  • Experts Industry Association (2011)
  • 2010 / 2011 Triangle Women Extraordinaire
  • 2011 Triangle Mover & Shaker
  • Founding Board Member: (2009)
  • Director, Family Coaching: People Builders LLC (2012)

Connect with Leslie: