Admiral Tina Alvarado spoke to the club Wednesday June 1 as part of a Navy outreach program. The Navy schedules several dozen outreach engagements a year, targeting communities with little or no Navy presence. Since less of 1 percent of the population serve in the Armed Forces, the goal is to educate the public about the services the Navy provides to the country both in peacetime and war. Admiral Alvarado is a Raleigh native. Prior to her visit to the club, she was the keynote speaker at the Memorial Day celebration aboard the USS North Carolina in Wilmington. Some of the original crew of the ship were present for her talk. The Admiral talked about sevaral key responsibilities of the Navy. One of which is keeping the sea lanes open for international trade, including the $30 Billion in exports from North Carolina. Another is deploying submarines to protect undersea internet cables that connect the world’s communication networks. The Navy also pioneers technology like GPS.

About Admiral Alvarado:

Photo of Rear Admiral Christina “Tina” M. Alvarado
Christina “Tina” M. Alvarado2016/06/01 – Importance of Naval ServiceUnited States Navy ReserveCommander, Reserve Component Expeditionary Medicine and Deputy Director, Nurse Corps
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