The club gained a new member at the Winter Assembly on Wednesday January 20th. Steve Ramirez was inducted into the club. His wife Naomi attended the induction ceremony. Steve and Naomi have two daughters. They moved from Queens, NY to Apex last year and recently took over the UPS Store next to Kroger at Creedmoor and Lynn Rd. Steve has always been a service minded person, attributes he says were instilled in him by his mother who knew how important it was to give back. Steve was sponsored by Scott Tarkenton. The induction was presided by Greg Wallace. The club welcomes Steve and his family into our family.

Also at the assembly, President Chris Morden spoke about attendance. The club was recently made aware that our average attendance was below the required 65% average. We’ve been averaging 50%.

Scott Tarkenton did a great presentation about the upcoming Casino Night fundraiser. This will be the clubs second event which we hope to carry on annually for many years. Scott discussed the ticket sales and our goals and projections for the fundraiser. Frank Bouknight is in charge of sponsorship for the event and explained the sponsor levels and how members can help solicit sponsors. Jay Williams talked about the silent auction. See their kickoff presentation below.

Mike Wienold wrapped up the assembly with a brief talk about website updates. It’s been 6 months since moving to WordPress. There have been 3 main questions coming from membership about the website. 1. Is there a member directory? 2. Where is the calendar? and 3. Where are the latest photos?

Since moving to WordPress, the member directory has been limited to the District Database DacDB. However, there will be a new directory launched in the next few weeks on our website, driven by the efforts of the 50th Anniversary Committee. There will be an email sent out shortly to make sure contact information is up to date so please respond to that quickly once received.

The calendar is accessible several ways. The next event is always visible on the main page of the site. For the full calendar, there is a link at the next event and also a link on the menu under Calendars. The Calendars menu has the Club Calendar and District Calendars available. The club’s calendar is served from our Google account. Any members who wish to link to the Google calendar can request being added by emailing Mike at


Photos are available from the main page gallery (showing the latest 20) as well as the menu under Photo Albums. All our photos and albums are hosted on Flickr. The albums are posted weekly after meetings or events and can be viewed directly on Flickr or via the club’s website.