Originally posted by Jason Potts on Apr 23, 2015

Not only did the Club have it’s annual Alex Wilson Awards presentation on Wednesday April 22, it also gave a special scholarship award of $1000 to Maria Erica Arredondo. Maria will be attending Wake Technical College.

The Alex Wilson Scholarship was created in 1980 to honor students who embodies the Rotary Four way test. Alex was a founding member of our club and served as president. This year, with the blessing of Mrs. Wilson and her estate, we increased the scholarship to $1,000 per school.

The scholarship was given to Alexandra Howland Hitson of Millbrook high school and Ben Spickard of Sanderson High school. Alexandra was introduced by her counselor, Glen Flowers and Ben was introduced by Dave Donatini, his counselor. Molly Leavitt, Alexandra’s mother, was present and Alice Spickard, Ben’s mother, was present. Alice was the raffle, over $500, which she promised was going to her son’s college fund.